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Crayola Wants the Force to Be With You This Holiday Season! #HolidayGiftGuide

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Calling all Star Wars fans big and small, Crayola wants the force to be with you and just in time for the Holidays. Crayola announces the release of " Star Wars: The Force Awakens" an all new product line. The new Crayola Star Wars Collectibles are sure to please Star Wars fans big and small this Christmas. This line is perfect for gifts or stocking stuffers depending on the recipient.

The Star Wars Collectible Stormtrooper Tin was my boys favorite. The Tin is the perfect crayon keeper for kids or can act as a decorative Star Wars piece for the collector. The silver-backed tin has a removable lid, 64 Crayola crayons and a Stormtrooper image on the cover.

Darth Vader or Stormtrooper fans can enjoy the 64 piece crayon collections available now. The nifty crayon boxes feature unique color varieties and are labeled in black.

Crayola is a brand I grew up with and to me it is iconic. I want my kids to enjoy the same fun I had with Crayola products as a child and I want your kids to enjoy Crayola also. So make sure you are following Crayola on social media below to stay up to date on contests, coupons, new products, discounts and so much more!

Chocolate Text Review! #HolidayGiftGuide

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Who doesn't love chocolate? With Chocolate Text you can personalize your own box of chocolates to say whatever you want.
Chocolate text is a delicious blend of Belgian and American Chocolate, each manufactured meticulously by hand, into approximately 100 characters. You can choose your own personalized message, text or saying to make your gift even more special. I for one love receiving personalized gifts' they feel so much more heartfelt and special.

Choose from over 100+ characters and finish with one of our stock ribbons
  • 26 letters
  • 10 numbers
  • 20 keyboard symbols
  • 25 shaped chocolate icons
  • 10 foiled chocolate hearts, sports and Patriotic balls
  • 25+ Political Images of Political Parties, Presidential Candidates and past US Presidents
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans [mixed]
  • 29 soft tiffany occasion ribbons in English and Spanish

Chocolate Text offers a lot more personalized products....

SelfeTin™ by BetterWorldBrands™

What a great way to savor life's greatest occasions!™ lets you reproduce your most memorable selfie or photograph on a large keepsake tin complete with your choice of gourmet treats [cookies, chocolates, biscotti, All Natural Dog Biscuits™ and other items.
Just upload your favorite image and follow our step-by-step process to memorialize any special event or memory. Shipped anywhere in the US, you also can write a personal card message. Share your passion about life's greatest moments with your loved one's, family and friends.
Perfect for:
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Celebrations
  • Pets
  • Sports
  • Corporate Giving
  • Travel memories
  • And General Occasions
All product is made and shipped within the United States.

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Try Affordable #NaturesRecipe Grain-Free Pet Food!

This post is sponsored by Nature's Recipe and the BlogPaws Professional Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Nature's Recipe available at PetSmart but Free For All only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nature's Recipe and PetSmart are not responsible for the content on this site.

In our household our animals are more than just pets, they are family. That's why when it comes to what they eat, we only want them to have the best. We feed our dogs Nature's Recipe® all natural dog food.  For more than 30 years Nature's Recipe has provided pets with ideal nutrition drawn from nature's inherent goodness. Their dog food recipes are crafted to help provide specific nutritional or functional benefits, and they contain no artificial color or preservatives. We feel Natural's Recipe is a recipe for a real life!

As an animal owner, it's important to realize that a small change in Nutrition can mean better health and a longer life for your fur baby.

  • For more than 30 years, Nature’s Recipe has provided pets with ideal nutrition drawn from nature's inherent goodness. When it comes to your pet's needs, they craft recipes to make every ingredient count.
  •  At Nature's Recipe, they are committed to providing nutritionally vibrant recipes for every pet every day. Your pet gets good nutrition for a healthy, happy life, and you get the loving joy of a lick or purr for years to come. 
  •  Dog food recipes are crafted to help provide specific nutritional or functional benefits, and they contain no artificial colors or preservatives.
  •  Life Stages Recipes tailored specifically to your dog’s life stage, from puppies to seniors. 
  •  Nature’s Recipe is available online via and at your local PetSmart store.

Our fur baby has a sensitive stomach, so its even more important we choose his food wisely. Nature's Recipe has plenty of Grain-Free options which is exactly why we use it. They also have life stages recipes tailored specifically to your dog's life stage, from puppies to seniors.
Nature's Recipe has a very wide range of other options such as kibble, single serve moist food containers and cans. They provide specialized diets to address the age, breed and health needs of both dogs and cats. All of the options are are an affordable price.

Natures Recipe provides a step up in quality dog food without the step up in price. With our newest edition Maddie this was the only choice. They make quality, healthy and affordable dog food available to everyday consumers who can't afford to pay an outrageous amount. Nature's Recipe is committed to providing nutritionally vibrant recipes for every pet every day. Your pet gets good nutrition for a healthy, happy life and you get the loving joy of your pet for years to come. When it comes to food, even pet food, every single ingredient counts, that's why we prefer a natural food life Nature's Balance.

Nature's Balance is available online via PetSmart or at your local PetSmart store!

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Discountrue #Sponsered Post!

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Trips With Kids Tips

Family traveling can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of hassle, especially if you have little ones in tow. Their needs are difficult to factor into the equation, especially when you're traveling with children the first time. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, these travel tips will keep you sane and ensure the most fun trip possible!

Don't Plan Down To The Second

No matter how great of a planner you are, your child's needs are going to come first. Smaller children love to explore and older children hate to be rushed, so be sure to factor in some extra time for sightseeing, bathroom breaks, snack time and the inevitable stalling. Before leaving for your trip, it is important to remember about fitting all of these additional activities into your chosen time frame.
Otherwise, you might end up losing your cool.

Provide Them With A Camera

While this one may or may not work as well for an older children, your little one will love having a camera of their own with which to document the festivities. Make sure you are providing them with a child proof product that can withstand a pounding – there are some quality cameras you might want to be interested in at Kohl's, now available at a budget price thanks to Discountrue coupons. Also, be prepared to see lots of out of focus pictures. The best part of all comes after the trip, when you and your child sit down together and go through all of the photos. You just might be surprised at what they come up with!

Use Public Transportation

A hidden benefit to traveling with young children is that they have not had the chance to become jaded by public transportation and are typically more excited to ride a bus or train than any other member of the family. To them, the car is old hat and public transportation provides them with an all new experience. It gives them a chance to feel more grown up, while also enjoying their surroundings and meeting new people.

Plan Plenty Of Activities

An older child is going to have a shorter attention span and be more apt to play on their phone or listen to their MP3 player if you do not provide them with numerous activities. Even something as simple as a Mad Libs book can provide hours upon hours of mirth and merriment. Or, you can allow
them to choose the music that you will listen to. You can also bring a DVD player on the trip, so that
your child can have their own movie marathon.

Keep Them Involved

This one is especially true for older children, who do not want to feel as if they are simply being
ordered around and told what to do. So, involve your children in the planning stages of the trip to
avoid any extended periods of sulking. If you give them a chance to offer input, you might be
pleasantly surprised!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Vitabath Spice is Nice Review! #HolidayGiftGuide

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Vitabath is one of my favorite bath and body products and go to gift I give my whole family because they all have scents they love and it makes each person easy and affordable to buy for. Best of all it ends up being their favorite gift that they actually get the most use out of! We were fortunate enough to be able to try Spice is Nice Body Lotion and Body Wash and it was the most indulgent bath I have taken in a while. With three kids a bath is my quite time and I love to indulge with Vitabath's amazing bath treats!

Sugar and spice and everything nice…what more is there to say? I mean, really? You will love this Vitabath® Spice is Nice Holiday Set. It's a perfect blend of fresh pumpkin and allspice mixed with delicious cream cheese icing and finished off with notes of rum and maple syrup. A Craveworthy scent at a value you will love!
Vitabath’s new spicy holiday fragrance is the perfect treat for anyone on your list, even yourself! Each Holiday Set contains a perfect pairing of moisturizing Sulfate and Paraben Free Body Wash & Hydrating Body Lotion bound together with holiday cheer.

To purchase from Vitabath go to My Vitabath and purchase yours today! Vitabath makes the perfect gift for everyone on your list and even the perfect treat for yourself! To connect more with Vitabath on social media go to the links below: