Saturday, February 27, 2010

Free Chunky Bling Ring for Bloggers!

Do you have a blog if so this freebie is for you! If not start one to get this you need to write a 100 word post and have your blog for 3 months with atleast 12 followers ( and meet a few other requirements). The great thing is that chunky bling offers something for everyone. I will publish the link with info on how to get your free ring and shipping is also covered. You will get an email on how to claim your ring apr. 24 hours after requirements have been met. Go here

Now I want to talk about chunky bling and let you know a little bit about what they are about. I don't want my post just to talk about free stuff. Your post should not only benefit your blog in my opinion to get your free ring but get the word out about their product. (Be fair to chunky bling this is a generous offer.)

Chunky Bling offers something for everyone. I found several items I am going to purchase when I get my free ring. Well let me be fair I wish I could purchase all of them but I am picking 2 rings that I fell in love with. My mother-in-law also found a few items she liked. She is 54 and I am 26 so they have a wide age range for their products. You can also make something unique all of your own with chunky blings interchangeable charm necklaces and beaded watches. You can't go wrong with your own style! Also, you can host parties online and get free chunky bling that is something to think about if finances are a little tight. Check out chunky bling and I am sure you will find something you love! Check out these links to their site

Free Bounce Dryer Sheets Sample!

Free Bounce Dryer Sheets From Sam's Club! No Membership required. Just click the link below fill in your info and request.