Tuesday, June 12, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Day/Night Cream

I recently was given the opportunity to try new Loreal Paris Youth Code Day/Night Cream moisturizer as part of the Smiley360 program. Rarely do I find something that I can tell I like right off the bat; with the Day/Night Cream I could tell the first time that I used it that this would be something I would be going out to buy. The product offers 10 years off gene research bottled into one great moisturizer and believe me you can tell. I could instantly feel all of the moisturizers in this product and within the first few minutes of putting the Day/Night Cream on my skin felt completely moisturized. My skin did not feel one bit greasy it was just wonderfully soft and invigorating! My skin felt like a million dollars and it seemed like I was using one of those expensive $100 creams (the ones like I love getting samples from)! Loreal Paris Youth Code Day/Night Cream stood up to my regular moisturizer and beat it! The moisturizer I use regular costs $49.95 and the average retail price for Loreal Paris Youth Code Day/Night Cream is apr $19.99. That is great for me anywhere I can save a little money and get a superior product is essential to me and my family.Also, a little goes a long way with this but at the price use what you want! I will no longer have to use these little pea sized amounts I can be a little more sparing with my moisturizer. I love to treat myself to a great at home facial and this will be just the product to end my facial with! The only complaint that I have with this product is if you are going to get sweaty you probably want to wait before applying this product. It made my skin feel really greasy and it melted off when I started to sweat but it was directly after applying the product that I got sweaty. I think if I could have waited a few minutes it would have been much better and the product would have had time to penetrate my skin. Overall, this is a great product and I will definatly be changing to Loreal Paris Youth Code Day/Night Cream. L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Day/Night Cream: Thanks L'Oreal 4 my free Youth Code moisturizer! Get exclusive beauty tips at http://on.fb.me/IrX1p8 #YouthCode *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Newest BzzAgent Test Smooth 'N Shine!

I recently recieved Smooth 'N Shine to test along with several coupons for $2 off to share with friends and one for $5 off for myself from Bzzagent. Smooth 'N Shine is a relaxer that makes your hair pretty straight it creates 5x less damage but I have come to the conclusion that is because it is not as strong as other products but it is also semi permanent. It is something that you can try that if you are not satisfied with it will not be a look you are stuck with forever (I ended up with the frizz look one time and it was horrible). I have had a lot of experience with relaxers and I really liked it. Although it is not as strong it makes your hair healthy and pretty straight; with a little straightening iron work your hair looks great and has a lot less damage. This will be a product I will definatelt try again I think after using a few times you may get some actual natural stright looking hair and if you just have a small amount of curl you should have great results. There are 2 formulas and I chose the regular I wish I would have chosen the strong I think my hair needed that. I plan to purchase it with the coupon but for now I am rocking this hot, stright, sexy, shiny,healthy,free, hairstyle. Thanks Smooth 'N Shine and BzzAgent. I am a BzzAgent and I was compensated by recieving a free product and coupons. Every opinion expressed in this review is my own!!! To join BzzAgent check out the link in my sidebar!


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