Friday, March 22, 2013

Barefoot Books Get a free $15 Credit for Survey!Expired will post pic of book when it comes in!

Take this super quick survey and get a free $15 credit. Pick out your son or daughter a great book! They also have games, stickers, puzzles and cute puppets!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Try and Tells Influenster!

I have been told by some of my readers that is going to be having some voxboxes up for grabs sign up and see!

Totsy a deal site!

                                                              first order ships free
only 3.50

only $4

only $6
Totsy is a site I just started using. You get free shipping on your first order and each friend you get to sign up that places an order you get $15 if anyone would like an invite just send me an email with the subject line TOTSY and I will send you an invite! My mom ordered the bottom sandle for $6 with free shipping and I got a $15 gc because she signed up and ordered. I ordered a bunch of the Eric Carle items the little book up top is $3.50 and they have tons of other items cute items and i got 4 items with my gc free!

VocalPoint a great try and tell site!

Register with Vocal Point today and see what samples are up for grabs! I just signed up to recieve a full size Olay Product! Wow!

Garnier Olia Another BuzzAgent Product!

I recieved my Garnier Olia haircolor Coupon from BuzzAgent (i talk about this site all the time it is a product test/ try and tell site) a little while back but my hair wasn't ready for a touch up yet. Well now it is so I got to try it! I am in love and I am a very picky person when it comes to my hair. This product had only a few easy steps and it smelled good actually. This is an oil haircolor and you could really feel the natural oils making your hair feel healthy and nurtured. It wasn't messy at all and I loved Garnier Olia! I chose the 7.0 Dark Blonde. It suited my hair well (my hair is a brown blonde color)Find your sahde today on their website. Check out thes whole line of products at:
Garnier Site
To sign up for BuzzAgent-

Just got another $5 Amazon GC from Swagbucks!

Another great search engine site for getting giftcards is swagbucks. With swagbucks you can take sureys, search the internet,get free point codes, go on swaghunts(these are fun you have to search from clues to find free high value codes) and several other ways you earn points which you save and accumulate to get giftcards. You also get points for referals but I do not want anyone to feel like they have to use my link to sign up. My link which will give me points for signing you up is in my sidebar just click there and fill out the form. If you do not wish to use my link you can go
Ijut recieved my $5 Amazon Gift Card!

2 New Products from Smiley360 Complete with my Review!

Smiley 360! Recently I was able to try not one but two products from I was able to try Starfist Tuna Creations and Campbell's Go Soup! I want to give you all the ooportunity to hear my thoughts on both products!
                               Starkist Tuna Creations Sweet and Spicy!
I really enjoy Starkist Tuna so I was super excited to try the Tuna Creations single serve pouch but I have to say not only was I disappointed in the product but the Smiley360 kit as well. My kit came with the Sweet and Spicy pouch sample. It was not a very tasty combination for me it did not go well together at all. It is just 90 calories per serving though and is easily portable so it would be great to take for a quick lunch with some crackers or even bread for a sandwich. Which gets me to why I wasn't happy with my kit I am really thankful to Starkist for giving me the opportunity to try their product but I think the kit could have promoted the product much better all it included was the product and a recipe card. I would have enjoyed having some coupons so I myself could get a discount on purchasing a different variety and to share with friends. I think some little packs of crackers with the starkist logo and tuna creations product would have been great!

To find out more go to^PRD_HAIRCOLOR^OLIA^OLIA_HOME
Go to to check out all the great products Starkist has to offer!
                                                     Campbell's Go Soup!
I loved my Campbell's Go Soup. This was a product I would have never bought had I not recieved this kit and now this is a product that is so good I can't live without. I went out and bought 10 packs of different varieties and took them into the office and treated everyone to a Campbell's Go Soup Lunch. They have a bunch of varieties including Golden Lentil with Madras Curry,Chicken and Quinoa with Poblano Chilies,Spicy Chorizo and Pulled Chicken, Creamy Red Pepper with Smoked Gouda, Morrocan Style Chicken with Chick Peas and my Favorite Coconut Curry with Chicken and Shitake mushrooms! These soups actually cook in their bag in the microwave. This makes for a super hearty and super easy work lunch! Wal Mart has this priced for $2.48 (and they are worth every penny) butyou can save $1 making the price $1.48 if you go to

To find out more go to^PRD_HAIRCOLOR^OLIA^OLIA_HOME
To sign up for Smiley 360 go to

New Playtex Bra available at Kohl's from BuzzAgent!

This is another great buzz agent freebie that I recently recieved if you want to get great full size free products and coupons to share with your friends this is a great site! I just got my new bra. Talk about support! This bra has excellent support as well as coverage. It almost makes me feel like I am 17 again without 2 kiddos! The colors are very pretty and match most clothes without being to showy. The underwire does not poke you and it is very well construscted. It is made strong and feels like it will hold up very well!Check out new styles at

<img src="" alt=""/>