Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hall of Fame Pop Hit 7 Routine Go Here to jeck it out----->


Hey guys!!!
Hope you had fun reading my 30 Random Facts About Me post! Here is your POP HIIT 7 Hall of Fame! You’ll need a big swiss ball and a barbell. I am using a 40 lb. If you’re new to weights I suggest to 20 or 25! Be sure to watch the video to get the at-home variations without equipment


Have fun and lemme know how you rate this workout 1-10! To see how many calories this burns, check out this page and log your workout! Also, to be entered to win the 4th pair of Nikes being given away this week, you’ll need to reblog this specific post on Tumblr. <– click it! If you don’t have one, just make one! It’s free :) I will announce the winner on Sunday.
For at-home cardio, I want you to do the Fat Melting Routine! Just once through.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Goodies Kids Taster Box Just Out!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Twitter Party Calendar For Week of Monday 15th- Tuesday 30th (will update as more come in)

Monday 15th 1-2 #MUPreOrder 9-10 @travelingmoms #Tmom Tuesday 16th (triviatuesday arbys) 9-10 @Swoonap @eflirtexpert #eswoonup not sure if n e prizes or time 12-1 @SallyHansen #IHeartMyNailArt @WalGreens 1-2@Nestle #GScrunch 2-3 #HealthyFamily @PHANews @ParentsMagazine @thescramble 3-4 @KristanLibby #Winchat 3-4 #explorerchat 3-4 @cleverhousewife @momwithadotco #FreshFinds 4-5 @TessoraSF #luxchat #LoveTessora #fashion 7-8 #GetPetCool 7-8 @organicspamag #osmidiy 7:30 #callofthewild @zipporahs @barelythr 8-9 #LitterChat @EventBarkers 9-10 #gno #pallidium 9-10 @ClothDiaperGreek #EcoFAB50 10-11 #holisticmoms Wednesday 17th (#bathday) (@RealRevivaLbs #revivalabs having party 17th not sure of time) 1-2 timetoplaylive 1-2 @Hear_The_World 1-2 #islandfriends 1-2 #frugalcrew 2-3 @wiproject @brettbmartin @cbtwtchat #nudgesmoments 2-3 #matt4ustoa 2 @EbonyMag #thatthing 3-4 @7onashoestring #THISISSTYLE @SearsStyle 7-8 #cool2lookhot @sweeptight 8-9 @5minutesformom @teachmama @thriveartclass @hygloss @cwists @bedtimemath #summerlearning 9-10 @MomItForward #summerlearning 9-10 @socialsoiree #socialsoiree 9-10 @theonlinemom Thursday 18th 1-2 @girlslunchout #GLOParty 1-2 #SpinBrush4Kids @MiscFinds4u #shop #cbias @laughwithusblog 2-3 #pscht @parentingsquad 3-4 Facebook Party 8-9 #ALDISummer 9-10 @lbconnect #pgpruebalo 9-10 #MomInspirations @CafeYak 10 the list @susannichole Friday 19th 1-2 @Snaplle #Snaplle5050 4-5 #mchat @moneycrashers every week 10 -11 #momsofboyschat @Raisinggeatmen Saturday 20th Sunday 21st Monday 22nd Tuesday 23rd (triviatuesday arbys) 1-2 #DreamParty #Cbias 9-10 #MOMTRAVELCHAT @FamiliesGo not sure of time @WeMakeMilk @bumbledoo Wednesday 24th #bathday 1-2 islandfriends 1-2 #frugalcrew 1-2 #clip4school 2-3 @EbonyMag #thatthing 3-4 #FNETTIP @frangrance 9-10 @FreshIsIt #ChooseFresh Thursday 25th 10-11 bag party the list @susannichole 12-1 #unplug2play @Wicproject @laughwithusblog @cbtweetchat 2-3 #pschat parentingsquad Friday 26th 1-2 @SleepNumberSara @ResourcefulMom #SleepNumber 10-11 #momsofboyschat @Raisinggreatmen Sat 27th Sun 28th Monday 29th Tues 30th 10-11 #holisticmoms #breastfeeding @holisticmomsnet

Join us August 9th at 2:00 Eastern Time #PeriodTalk @Bpreparedperiod as we chat all things Back To school and Your Period!

I was so excited to attend my first ever #periodtalk twitter party! Being a 29 year old mother of two who is very interested in all things free, natural and saving I of course had many questions. Questions that were of a delicate nature that I had no idea where to direct. I was very surprised at how well the party went!. It was very fun and everyone there was eager to help, happy to answer any and all questions and very informed on all topics! My periods started to become a problem after I had my second son and was diagnosed with endometriosis. I have a very few people I talk to about these issues so I had no information and could only turn to the web to get it! I was so glad to find #periodtalk! There are a lot of great products you can check out that are eco friendly and reusable on their site and reusable equals money saving! That's what we here at Free For Free are all about! Also, they have tons of information for all ages from teens to menopausal women. This is a great site to find facts on Endometriosis as well. Join us on August 9 as we prepare for the Back to School Season & Your Period #PeriodTalk @bpreparedperiod . This chat is for newbies as well as seasoned chatters! Don't be afraid to stop by! Also check out their page for giveaways so you will be registered for any that may be given out during the party! I was a lucky winner maybe you will be to! From the giveaway page you can navigate the entire site as well. So go on ever and check them out! Period Talk Giveaway Page:

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blog Lovin

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Twitter Party Calendar Week of July1st-7th More to Be Added!

Twitter Parties MondayJuly 1st 1-2 @Sears #GrillingIsHappiness @SearsDeals @SearsLatinoAccounts 3- @BeasBookNook #Chat#Berry #Booktrip #btlivechat bok is the kings deception author steve berry 1-2 @7onashoestring @CrazyAdventures #MakeItGoPuff 7-8 @CrystalErvin #JadeJasper2 7-8 #livewithangela @angela,inelli 8-9 @A_Heirloom #BestBoardsEver 9-10 @thegardenparty #gardenchat 9-10 #TMOM @TravelingMoms 9-10 #gno #MotorOilMatters @NotorOilMatters @jylmomIF @Dadventurous @MomItForward @troypattee 10pm @NickMom #TakeMeToYourMother Tuesday July2nd 1:30 Beauty Bag chat 1 winner goody bag @BeautyInTheBag#BeautyBag 7-8 DomsticDebacle @MommyJenna @Mommybits #LocCard 8-9 Houseparty biggie #HPSummer 8-9 cst i think hr behind #bravegirlswant @drjenshewmaker 9-10 @HAPPYsuperfoods @DRLybbeKenney #HFStresslessSummer 9-10 @MomItForward @dandy_fresh #gno #summerproduce 1030 #BMJLive @GUnionFanPage @RobinneLee @itsgabrielleu Wednesday July 3rd 1:00 #TimeToPlay I think @timetoplay 1-2 #NudgesMoments @amomsimpression @turningclockback 7-8 #Seventeenonthespot@msbudgetbeauty @Makeup_savvy 9-10 #ClothDiaperLove @ClothDiaperGreek Thursday 4th Friday 5th 3-4 @GFrecipebox Gluten Party #gfreechat Saturday 6th June 25th 8-9 Frito Lay Facebook page Sunday 7th

Jack Be Natural is looking for bloggers to work with them.

This is a little bit of info about JackBeNatural and their products. This is their site They started with their second son and wanted to with their first but everyone thought they were crazy. Noticed the beaded gel off disposable diapers and realized all the different chemicals that are known carcinogens and Super Absorb Polymers. They couldn't find anything about how the diapers caused harm but couldn't find anything that showed they didn't. So for their own use they decided to use reusable cloth diapers! They saw how easy they were and cheaper! Now they sell all kinds of different products! These were a few pics of my favorites: These are just a few of my favorites they sell everything from, cribs, matresses, diaper cream and sippy cups. These are green products! As you all know this is something close to my heart as we as well went green with our second child so I can completely relate! Check out their free shipping and samples now! Bloggers if you are interested please email!

Lance Crackers 8 pack Still Free Printable Coupon for Wal-Mart!

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